Monday, July 2, 2012

The Magic Pan Bloody Mary!

When I was in college my friend Kai and I got summer jobs working as waiters at the Magic Pan restaurant located in the Tyson's Corner Mall in Mclean,Virginia. The Magic Pan for those of you who don't know was a chain restaurant of some national renown in the 1970's and 80's. In fact to this day many people still remember with fondness the Pan and it's panache both with the food and with the style it was brought to you in. The Pan was so chic that it even had an outpost in NYC right off of 57th street in a space that is now the Jekyll and Hyde Club. ( oh how the mighty have fallen!)

                                                         Magic Pan In NYC c. 1977

Waiting tables at the Pan was a tough job. Busy and crowded it had a loyal customer base and it was in the largest Mall in the area so it had traffic all day and night. It was also a favorite spot during lunch and the late afternoon for the ladies who lunch and their friends and daughters. This group ate salads and soups and drank gallons of white wine and white wine spritzers. Then there was the evening dinner rush of couples and families, mostly with adult children ( the Pan was not known as a kid friendly restaurant), and later in the evening the couples on dates looking for love over a crepe and a glass of champagne! A diverse customer base indeed but the Pan had something for everyone. Brunch on Sunday's was an interesting mealtime crowd. Brunch was a very 1970's thing and the Pan had jumped on that right away. A few egg dishes and the crepes from the lunch menu and you were ready to rumble. Of course what brunch would be complete without an exquisitely prepared Bloody Mary! Here again the Pan did not disappoint. I can remember Randy our bartender batching the bloody mary mix every Sunday. No pre-made stuff here, just the real deal. I have had many a Bloody Mary, in fact I still think the best one I ever had was at the Lobster Pot in Provincetown Mass.. But that not withstanding, the pan made one of the best mixes I have ever had as well. So here it is, the original recipe handed down from Randy at the Pan to me and me to you. Make this next time you have brunch at your house and you will be Pantastik! Enjoy Ya'll!

The Magic Pan Bloody Mary Recipe

                                           Tomato Juice is the Starting point!

In A Gallon Jug:

Add the following:
Salt                                            1 tsp
Celery Salt                                 1 tsp
Black Pepper Course Ground    1 tsp
Garlic Powder                            1/2 tsp
Horseradish                                 2 Tsp
Worcestershire Sauce                 3 oz
Sweet and Sour mix                   6 oz

Then fill to the top with 50% V8 juice and 50% regular tomato juice

Allow to marinate for 24 hours and use within the next 2 days as sour mix will slowly sour the mix.


  1. Sounds a little crazy but I trust you. Heading out to get the Sweet and Sour now.

  2. Never V8. 100% Sacramento tomato juice. Trust me!