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Regional Actors, Murffaritas the Best and Easiest Margarita On the Planet a Recipe from the Seaside Music Theater Days

Now I hope I haven't bored you with stories about my times at Seaside Music Theatre. Because there is a lot of inspiration that came from those days down on the Florida east coast. In Daytona Beach, doing shows summer after summer in the Floridian sunshine.

The best thing about working at Seaside was the people. I have to say that if I went through a roster of actors that have been on Broadway in the last 10 years it would include quite a few of the people that I  worked with on the stage at Seaside. The people there were not just talented but they were amazing human beings. Many of them I still call friends to this day.

I mean the thing about being a working actor in the 90's was there were a lot of venues to ply one's trade. That is compared with today. I mean since the recession in 2008 so many regional theaters went belly up. They just went bankrupt. And now they are gone.

Now this not only affected the acting community but the overall landscape of cultural outlets in this country. Fortunately there are small theaters popping up all over the place. Some legitimate Equity theaters some non-equity and some just homegrown community theaters. Regardless there are people making art still even in these cash strained times. Sometimes it's amazing art at that!

Speaking of actors many amazingly talented people work outside the shadow of the Broadway community. And I did not mean to infer in my comments above that only the talented are on Broadway. Actually I was never on Broadway and some considered me pretty talented, including Cameron Mcintosh, the world's most famous theatrical producer, For whom I played Fagin on the road.

These regional actors make their livings on the stage, not in a coffee shop or restaurant waiting for the next gig. They working in smaller theaters all over the place. And sometimes have way more longevity working in the regional markets than people do in a Broadway career. Plus their quality of life is better. They own houses and condos in cities all over. They have cars and have material lives that many who struggle in NYC or even make it in NYC will never have. It's a choice. A choice one makes, not out of fear of the big city, but out of wanting to have something they may never have in New York, a certain quality of life. The city is a hard place and not one to be taken lightly.

I could name many brilliant regional actors I know of but one certain special lady comes to mind today. Elizabeth Murff is somewhat of a legend in the southern regional theater world. Not only is she one of the most powerful fearless performers I know and have worked with, but girl can party! Murff was always one for a good time and she wasn't shy about it. So this recipe is a legacy of my having worked with her multiple years at Seaside. It's a simple yet deadly drink that will definitely but the PA in your party and the party in your pants if you are not careful! They are called murffaritas in honor of herself. Easy, old school and delicious.

So whip some up tonight and get ready for a good time. They are amazing in the summer heat but really good anytime. I just made some and's a party already in here! Enjoy Ya'll!

Murffaritas ( Margaritas Southern Sister)

you will need

Frozen cans of Lemonade or Limeade Concentrate from the freezer section of the store

Here's what you do:

In a blender...

Empty the can of lime or lemonade into the blender
Fill the can with Tequila
Pour it into the blender
Fill the Blender with ice to the top
Hit the button and Whirl till creamy
Drink with a slice of lime
You can salt the rim of the glass if you want to.

I am not kidding these are awesome!!!

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