Saturday, April 13, 2013

San Diego and My Culinary Vacation There

San Diego is an amazing city. If you have never been there it's quite the place. The weather is perfect, the geography is perfect, the location is perfect, it's in a word, amazing. People who live there enjoy a fantastic food scene as well and on my latest vacation I became aware of exactly what that meant!

I mean we could start by talking about all the amazing Mexican food I had there. Or we could talk about the the micro brew and pub food scene. Or the Asian Fusion or the seafood or the steaks or dining outside in the evenings with no humidity and no bugs! Yes we could talk about all those things and more and in the next few blogs I will be cooking up some of the dishes that I had there as well as bringing you some San Diego inspired recipes. So hold on that's all next on the blog. Sorry I have been absent but catching up is hard to do after a vacation! See you all thins next week! 

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