Tuesday, May 7, 2013

BBQ Chillequilles Benedict with BBQ Beef, Poached Eggs, and Smoked Cheddar Hollandaise

I realize that it's a little past Cinco de Mayo but here's my Mexican recipe for the holiday week!
And again I am going to reference Snooze. Yes the San Diego eatery I was able to patronize twice while visiting that fair city. Last time I talked about the breakfast potpie. This time I am taking it South of the Border!

On the menu along with various "Benedict" dishes was a dish called "Chillequilles Benedict". Now chillequilles are a Mexican food which has it's roots in the street foods of that country. It's a very popular dish there, however, here in the states it's only widely known in California and some parts of the west and as of late also here in New York.

Essentially Chillequilles are a form of nachos. They are chips over which a green creamy sauce is poured and the dish is normally topped with a fried egg and maybe some meat. Like say chorizo sausage or something along those lines. They are quite good but the Snooze folks took this idea and took it a step further.

To make the Chillequilles Benedict they took tortillas, cut them into small rounds about the size of an english muffin. Dipped them in green sauce and stacked and baked them. Topped them with a pulled beef with Mexican spices and a poached egg. Then to finish it they pour a smoked gouda hollandaise over them and serve it with fresh salsa and some feta cheese. Oh my is it good.

To make this at home I changed it up a little bit. I wanted to combine mexican flavors and southern BBQ and make BBQ Chillequilles. The results were awesome. The rich flavors of chilles mixing with the deep smoke of both the BBQ and the cheddar was wonderful. SO here's the recipe, give it a try for brunch one day when you are up for a challenge. I kept is pretty simple using mostly premade foods which while not ideal makes for an easy as Sunday morning prep on this one. The hardest thing is poaching the eggs if you are near a Trader's Joes. (which is where I sourced all my stuff!) Enjoy!

BBQ Chillequilles Benedict with BBQ Beef, Poached Eggs, and Smoked Cheddar Hollandaise

*So you can start with large corn tortilla's and cut them with a ring mold of some kind or if your store has them you can use little mini tortillas.


5 mini or cut tortillas per stack 2 stacks per person
1 jar or green salsa from trader joes and one can of green enchilada sauce combined
1 package of fresh salsa
3 onces of crumbled feta cheese
8 eggs
1 package of trader joe's hollandaise
6 oz shredded smoked cheddar cheese
3 tablespoons mayo
8 oz of BBQ beef brisket pre done or purchased

To Assemble:

Take the green sauce and place into a shallow dish
Dip each tortilla lightly in the sauce and on a baking sheet make 8 stacks of the moist tortillas
Top each stack with room temp BBQ beef
Place the stacks in a warm oven 300 degrees and start poaching the eggs
Add the hollandaise the cheese and the mayo to a small sauce pot and heat slowly till combined and creamy. If not fluid enough add a little water till desired consistency is achieved.
To prepare place the tortilla and beef stacks on plates.
Top with an egg and cover with a blanket of sauce
Serve with a dallop of Salsa and sprinkle with the feta. Serve with the hash browns from my blog about breakfast pot pie! Enjoy!

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