Thursday, December 15, 2011

Digger Dogs New Party Superstar

Provincetown Mass. is probably one of the most amazingly charming and beautiful places on the earth as far as I am concerned. I would move there, retire there or vacation there even more than I do now if I was so motivated. As it stands now I go there once a year on vacation with some amazing friends. Going to "Ptown" as it's called is kinda like going to summer camp. If you go the same week every year which we do and many others do as well, you meet people you see every year and it becomes like a reunion. It's a time to relax,sun, swim, party, shop, and of course eat!

We rent a house every year with a big kitchen and while we take advantage of the fabulous restaurant scene in Ptown we also cook in several nights of the week. And because one the the guys in the house has his birthday the week we go, we normally have a party for him to which we invite friends we know from years past, as well as people we have met during the course of the week. Ptown is a magical place and is full of fun fun fun! It's a pilgrimage for me.

One of the boys in the house has two Uncles, who pay every year send the entire group out to dinner. So every year we go to the world famous Lobster Pot in Ptown. It's one of the favorite dinner nights we have and no matter what we all have it's a great time and it's a great meal. Lobster pot makes seafood almost the way the seafood houses in Florida or South Carolina do, but with a Cape Cod flourish. So I like it!

So even though I am far away from summer and my Provincetown experience I wanted to share a recipe that while it really has nothing to do with the Lobster Pot directly was a big hit at our house party last year.
So while why tell us this story about the Lobster Pot Forrest? Well partly because it is a teaser for what is to come later in the blog and to set up the origin of this recipe.

However, because is is the holidays and it is party season , I wanted to offer up a recipe that you might want to serve up at your holiday party. And in a way this recipe came about kinda because of the Lobster Pot.

Well let me explain. You see everyone eats a lot of seafood up there in the summer and so for our party we wanted to do something that was far away from that. We also wanted to do something that would make people go crazy over it. So i thought what do people like to eat in the summer?  I thought, hot dogs!  And what do we serve on summer BBQ buffets in the summer? Well potato salad, green salad, grilled corn, Mac N Cheese.

 So then I thought what would happen if you crossed a grilled hot dog with Mac n Cheese????  I did, it was an idea from Marc Murphy's place in the west village which serves Ditch Dogs named after the restaurant, so we wanted something Ptownish and therefore the "Digger Dog" was born.  The name came from the idea that in New England you have clam diggers, and this would be a snack that would convert even the heartiest seafood fan like a clam digger into a hot dog lover. Therefore we named it a  "Digger Dog".

So here is the recipe for Digger Dogs, try them at your next party, you won't be sorry!!!

1 package Martin Potato Rolls party buns ( you know the little square one, Split down the middle till you have a little hot dog bun.)
1 pack good quality all beef hot dogs each link cut into three pieces.
4 tablespoons butter melted and mixed with 1 teaspoon garlic powder
Mac n Cheese ( the stove top variety ) prepared. ( recipe follows)
yellow mustard
chopped chives ( one bunch)

Place the hot dog pieces in a bowl and toss with the melted butter
Place them on a pan
Pre-heat Broiler in your oven
Broil the dogs till they are brown and glisten.

To Assemble:
Place a dab of Mustard in each bun
place a hot dog piece inside
spoon mac n cheese on top garnish with chopped chives
And serve immediately!!!

Now as Ina Garten says...How easy was that!

Tip: Mac n Cheese ( the secret flavor here is Swiss cheese strange but true! )

The secret super easy very cheesy stove top Mac n cheese

Boil a package of Macaroni
In another large sauce pot add 2 cans Campbells Cheddar Cheese soup
Add 1 1/2 cups whole milk and heat to just boiling then reduce heat.
When bubbling add 1 1/2 cups grated Swiss cheese stirring slowly to combine
1 teaspoon dried mustard
1 teaspoon white pepper
1 big dash hot sauce
Drain noodles
Stir in hot noodles

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