Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas party menu

OMG it's almost Christmas. So much to do and so much to get ready for. No weight loss goals this season baby, it's pack on the pounds time! My Mom just called me and asked if I would do a dinner party for 6 people that will join us during the holiday season. New neighbors she would like to invite over to get to know better. So of course to be helpful I agreed to help!

I also was told nothing too fancy....I ........really! HA! Well Ok I will  try to keep it simple.

 So what  I know about both these couples is that they are retired and that both of them are from the New York or Boston areas. So I figured that there was going to be little that I could cook that would not be somewhat familiar with the ethnic and cosmopolitan nature of both food towns. SO....i decided I would do a dinner that would be recognizable, somewhat ethnic and western centered. So it would appeal but still not be so everyday that they might be a little challenged to try a little something yummy and new!

So the secret flavor weapon number one that I learned from my Mother's, Mother, my Grandma, as opposed to my Father's Mother who shall from now on be called Big Mama, was that there is one thing in the food spectrum that tastes good and is almost constantly recognizable in the flavor profile and so usable in a variety of dishes. And that is caramelized onions! Yes they are one of the great flavor enhancers of the food spectrum. So I decide to approach this menu like they would on Iron Chef  on the food network, that is, as if the caramelized onion were the secret ingredient of the day and must be used in all the dishes!

So I thought. I have to do four courses for this dinner. So I will do foods that incorporate the amazing nature of caramelized onion goodness without calling them into fore front or making them too obvious. Ok so see if you think I did my job!!

So for a first course  i offer up

Wedge of Boston lettuce with Blue cheese, truffled vinaigrette and french fried onions

Second course..

Gnocchi with a goat cheese rosemary cream sauce and figs and walnuts and caramelized onions

Main course...

Vinegar braised Boneless Chicken Thighs with caper berry and onion gravy served over horseradish mashed potatoes and accompanied by braised red cabbage with lardons.

For dessert.....(no onions)

Brown Sugar bread with Apple raisin compote, sweet mascarpone cream and salted caramel sauce
snacks and treats!

Wish me luck!!

Recipes to Follow!

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