Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Madonna is at the Superbowl and she is Nacho Mama!

While pondering over the fact that I am probably having people over on this Sunday for the Superbowl. I began to also think about the fact that Madonna is using the half-time performance of the Superbowl to launch her newest album release. And like they say, "if you are going to go, go big". And I can't think of a more dramatic "big" way to launch a project, than at the Superbowl.

Now "Go Big" is actually an apt description of what people do on Superbowl Sunday when it comes to eating as well as football and half-time shows. Full blown house parties and tailgating in the TV room is what happens all over the country in thousands of homes. This is of course supported and fueled by a plethora of magazine articles and recipe sprees which promise the best and the sloppiest foods for enjoyment while watching the big game.

So I will confess that I, like many of my fellow southerners, am a little football crazy, Yes, even me! Not that I watch every game, but I always catch the big ones. And I at least enjoy watching football, unlike baseball which I find tedious and boring. So generally this takes place at a sports ball with beer and wings and other yummy foods to eat.

So in researching what Madonna might eat at the super bowl I found out a couple of things. First Madonna does eat real food. She's not some micro-biotic nut job or vegan. She eats organic, whole grains, lots of greens and lean proteins and she occasionally eats Pizza and ice cream. She has been known to say, "if I am thirsty I drink. If I am hungry I eat.". So that and a cook and a dietician and a personal trainer and an army of other support staff will have you looking like you are 29 when you are 50 something. But who cares! Right?? I mean unless you do in which case you are probably not reading my blog, let alone any cooking blog!

No my question is if Madonna came over what would I fix for her for the Superbowl? Well...nothing I would want to eat. So the heck with Madonna and lets talk super sized Superbowl food!

At my Superbowl party or at any bar food related function there would have to be 2 things. Wings and Nachos. So I am going to let the wings wait for another day to day I want to talk about Nachos.

Nachos are prepared various ways. But for me awesome nachos have to have four elements. The first is the chips. They should be fresh or at least hight quality. Next they should be in a pile. a heap. a haystack! The second thing is cheese. Cheddar done and done. Thirdly it should have chili on it. Fourth and  last, toppings. Sour cream, Guacamole, peppers and salsa to start. That's the minimum.

So what do I like to do with Nachos I will give you a few secrets to bump up your nacho power.

Forrest's Nacho 101 or 911

1. When you put the cheese on the chips layer the cheese between layers of chips, don't just pile it on top.

2. Bake then broil the top, this insures you get melty through out and crusty brown bits on the top.

2. Add the chili warm on top after you bake the chips to melt the cheese.

3. Add a little more cheese on top of the chili to melt.

4. Garnish your with a sour cream that is flavored and use a squeeze bottle to squirt the sour cream like a lattice work over the mound of chips, cheese, and chili.

5, Finish the pile of nachos off with a sprinkle of green onion for color

6. Serve more plain sour cream, guacamole, and salsa on the side instead of on top. That way people can "fix their own bite".

So there are some tips on how to make great Nachos. Now here's my recipe for a tasty sour cream that you can top it off with.

Sour cream topping for nachos

8 oz sour cream
2 hand fulls parsley chopped very fine
1/2 cup chopped chives (very fine)
1 1/2 tablespoons garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon black pepper

Stir together and WOW! I am telling you a topping no one is expecting!

That's my tips for your Superbowl Nacho or anytime Nacho experience, enjoy ya'll!

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