Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Years Resolutions Redux Manifesto

So everyone is making plans this time of year to do something. Whether it be moving into a new venture, trying a new task, accomplishing a new goal or losing weight and being more healthful, everyone is thinking about something they would like to have in their lives. I am thinking about this myself of course and pondering what I would like to manifest in my life this year. Sure losing weight would be great or getting more of a healthy take on my everyday. But what do I really want to manifest?

Well dear readers I will tell you. I want to take this blog, blow it up big time, and land myself a job as a Food TV personality. Yep that's what I want to manifest in 2012. And you can help! Just tell everyone to read my blog. HAHA!  Comment on things, even if it's just to let me know what you think about things or want to see in the future. I am talking social media madness people!! So over the course of the year I would love to hear from you. And I am bringing out some fun stuff. Just you wait! The Underground Chef is also wanting to manifest a dinner this year where you can be the guests and try out the Underground Restaurant experience yourselves. On the Plate may make a return appearance in 2012. So stand by on that.

As to the rest of what I am going to be trying to accomplish in the new year, well like you I am going to be the fittest, most accomplished, most happy, most spiritual, most successful, most talented, most giving, most transcendental HUMAN BEING the world has ever known!!! But I'll settle for losing a few pounds and not pissing anybody off to badly! Shoot for the stars baby! Till next time!


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