Monday, February 13, 2012

PLT a Twist on an Old Sandwich Favorite

Necessity is the Mother of invention they say. I would agree and from my experience also a great motivator.

This post today is a simple reminder of that. Yesterday I was at home nursing a cold and I thought that I would just lay around all day and order food in. Well time came for me to eat and I realized that I did not have any cash to pay the delivery guy from my favorite Thai place, which happens to be cash only.

So I looked into the fridge and realized that while I was far from starvation I was not sure what if anything I wanted to eat out of the fridge. Then I saw some left over pork shank and thought that might be good, but the portion was too small. What I thought can I do with other things in there. I did not feel like really cooking ( believe it or not) but I was willing to see what I could put together from leftovers.

Then it struck me, "make a Sandwich"! So as I looked through my options I saw that I had the pork shank  piece. The only bread I had was a package of Martin's potato roll hot dog buns I had rescued from the trash at work. And for veggies, the only greens I had was some ice berg lettuce hanging out in the crisper. I was wishing I had a tomato when it hit me, I did but in the form of a jar of sun dried tomatoes. I also had all the condiments you could want. So I thought alright I will make a sandwich out of all of these and some condiments.

I leapt into action chopping the pork into a chipped pile a pork goodness all sweet and rich from the sticky sauce I had made for it ( see pork osso buco entry for description).  I then shredded the lettuce finely and chopped some pickled jalapenos mixing them together with some mayo and black pepper. I chopped the sun dried tomatoes up and found some red onion which I finely sliced and laid in a bowl. I then poured off a little dill pickle juice on them and let them set up for ten minutes for a quick pickle. I toasted 2 buns and lightly spread them with mayo.

Then to assemble. Bun then the lettuce and jalapeno mixture then the tomatoes then the pork and then as garnish and to add visual interest the lightly pickled red onions on top.

I wish I had taken a picture, because it really looked impressive. It tasted even better all the salty, sweet, spicy. pickled tastes all worked well together. YUM!

So I have a new sandwich. I think that any kind if pork roast leftover would do with a little BBQ sauce but recreating this might take some doing. But regardless, necessity got me to invent a great sandwich for lunch. And that's what is great about cooking, sometimes things happen one time, but at least they happen if you try to do something new. That's the adventure of the kitchen.

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